I would love you to join me, Sarah Cox the founder of Zephorium Soul Tonics, for this enlightening online training. Easily learn how to understand and use my Zephorium products in your therapies, holistic treatments and yoga to enhance and support your practice. The course includes 22 videos, 100 page manual, looking at the power of the mind and how epigenetics creates our reality, the power of affirmations, meditations, quizzes, all of which you can use in your clinic or practice setting, to help you choose which items to use and who will benefit. I describe what ingredients I use and why and help you to understand how to tune into your client and pick what is right for them. If you want to use these products in your practice, with friends and family, than this is the course for you. This was originally a 1 day training but with stockists all over the world, we wanted to make the training available to everyone to learn in the comfort of your own home. I hope you enjoy it and if you are new to Zephorium, welcome to our family of like-minded people who are changing the world, one heart at a time! With love Sarah xx

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1 - Welcome

    • Welcome

  • 2

    Chapter 2 - Code of Conduct

    • Code of Conduct & Ethics

  • 3

    Chapter 3 - Sarahs Journey

    • Sarahs Journey

    • About Us and Our Ethics

  • 4

    Chapter 4 - Our Product Collections

    • Introduction to our product collections

    • Product Collections PDF

    • Body & Massage Oils

    • Chakra Aura Sprays

    • Body Lotions

    • Essential Oil Blends

    • Rollerball Perfumes and Gift Sets

    • Coconut wax Candles

    • Bath Salts

    • Ingredients

    • Product Quiz

  • 5

    Chapter 5 - Facial Products

    • Vitamin A Facial Range

    • Facial Products Quiz

  • 6

    Chapter 6 - Zephorium Elements

    • Zephorium Elements

    • Crystals

    • Colour

    • Aromatherapy

    • Chakras

    • Affirmations

    • Fact Sheets

    • Zephorium Elements Quiz

  • 7

    Chapter 7 - The Power of the Mind

    • You are what you think - The Law of Attraction

  • 8

    Chapter 8 - Helping your client choose

    • Helping your client choose

  • 9

    Chapter 9 - Opening Up Your Intuition

    • Opening up your Intuition

    • Opening up your intuition - Chakra Meditation

    • Working with intuition and aura drawings

    • Closing Down

  • 10

    Chapter 10 - What to do if you client shifts

    • What to do when your client shifts

  • 11

    Chapter 11- Maintaining Self -Care

    • Maintaining Self-Care

  • 12

    Chapter 12 - How to use the products in your treatments

    • How to use the products and the teachings in your treatments

  • 13

    Chapter 13 - Marketing and Promotion

    • Marketing and Promotion

    • Promotion Zephorium Therapist Training Manual Online Course 2020

  • 14

    Chapter 14 - Certification and Case Studies

    • Certification and Case Studies

    • Case Studies

  • 15

    Chapter 15 - Goodbye

    • Goodbye


Train online, in your own time with founder Sarah Cox


Sarah Cox

Sarah launched Zephorium in 2012, she has been a spiritual teacher and motivational speaker for 20 years. Sarah is also a multi faith minister and the founder of the Satvik Training School and co-founder of the School of Conscious Co-Creation.


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Train online in your own time with founder Sarah Cox